Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Demoracy Flow Chart

Democracy is used in a lot of countries like Australia, England and New Zealand. Democracy derives from the Greek Language. Before the English language changed to democracy the french wrote it was démocratie In New Zealand we have the queen on top with the governor-general as her representati

Helen Clark

Helen Clark was one of the former Prime Ministers of New Zealand. She is now a valuable member of the United Nations. She has made New Zealand well recognised and have done great things in her time in parliament like introducing the superannuation fund. She is a very influential women and is respected by a lot of people

Goverment Party Jigsaw

The election is near and in every intermediate in New Zealand we are learning about the elections. Apart of our learning we have done an activity called a Government Party Jigsaw. In the jigsaw there is all the leaders of the political parties and what electorate they are in. The two main parties are Labour and National.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Ebook Day

Read an eBook day is a celebration of how we storyread in the modern era and how we can read anywhere at anytime. Read an eBook day is celebrated on the 18th of September. In LS2 we have been reading eBooks  through the Tamaki College Over drive. The Tamaki Overdrive is an online library with books from different genre. I am currently reading a book called ' Detective Hamilton Cleek Mysteries. If you would like to know more about ebook day click the link.


Friday, 8 September 2017

Technology - Food Tech

Today we had food tech. We made Quiche. In the Quiche there was bacon, spaghetti. On the top we put egg on the top. First we got all of our supplies to make the Quiche. Then we got the pastry and a cup to make perfect circle. With the left over pastry we used a roller to spread the pastry and make more. We had to have twelve pastry's to fill up the trays. It was very fun and delicious.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kiwi Can

Today we had kiwi Can. This week our subject for Kiwi Can is taking risks. Taking Risks is basically being nervous for example: rock climbing is can be risky if you think that the harness is not tight enough when you started. Mr Malu and Miss Latoia gave us an activity. It was bip, bop, bounce, the rules are when Mr Malu says Bip, bop, bounce you had to say bang before they finished saying bip, bop, bounce.
After that we played a game called hand soccer, we had to use our hand instead of using our feet and pass the ball to each other before scoring a goal. This was working together as a team, we had lots of fun.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How To Stand Up To A Bully



Bullying is not okay. When you see someone getting bullied stand up and speak out. Today my friends Tiava, San Kyaw, Josh, Lyric and I created a animation to send a message about bullying. When you see someone getting bullied don't just stand there. If you're getting bullied stand up for yourself. Don't look down on someone unless you're going to pick them up.

Sentence Sackdown

For writing this week we have been learning about two word sentences. In a two word sentence there is a subject and a verb. We written some two word sentences on the board and then we had to choose three of them to make them into compound and complex sentences.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

This morning I have been practicing my reading skills on Read Theory. Read Theory helps me with my vocabulary and grows my knowledge of reading. Read Theory is really good if you want to practice your comprehend skills. In Read Theory there is a lot text types and levels if you are a low level your text is short and easy. But when you are a higher level your text is long and hard.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Complete the Contractions

Contraction writing is a shortened form of a word or a group of words. You make these words using an apostrophe. This task for writing was to turn two words into a contraction. I found it easy to make them because I know what contractions are.

Reciprocal Reading Evaluation

In Reading today we have had a session with one of the reciprocal reading experts, and his name is Fraidoon. On our DLO we have the words people in our group can't define, things we need to work on and things we did with success. To do Reciprocal Reading we need to collaborate and take risks to be the leader. I had fun doing this and it was great to work with people who engaged in the learning as much as I did.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Careers: Aeroplane Pilot

This week we are focusing on Careers. We are searching about what we wanna be in the future. Last week we had to write the difference between Careers and Jobs. Careers is something you wanna be for the rest of your life and a job is when you do something to earn money to pay your bills. For example my Career is to be a pilot. I want to work in a supermarket to earn money to pay my uniform for being a pilot. Working in a supermarket is a job because it's not something I would want to work for during my whole life. This week we are choosing our career and writing about the job. The DLO above shows you some information about being a Aeroplane Pilot. 

Kate Sheppard Sketch note

For this task we had to create a sketch note. We had questions that we had to answer. The learning conversation that I had with my group helped me complete this because I was stuck on a question and talking to my group helped me get ideas. 


This week is maths week. In LS2 we have been making Flextangle and Hexaflexagon. My favourite part of making our Flextangle was colouring it. After colouring it we had to fold it and scoring the lines that was shown. After that we had to make into a Flextngle. The picture above shows you the Flextangle I have made. I think next time I could fold and score my lines more carefully.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Galloping Greyhounds

For this task we had to make a DLO about a question that we solved for maths. Sylis, Ofa and I completed this task. The task was about greyhounds and money. We had to solve how much money would a trainer make if there greyhound came first, second and third. We had clues from the photo and that helped us a lot.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kate Sheppard

For this task we had questions that we had to answer. I worked with Tiava, Sylis and Jeremiah to complete this DLO. It is about Kate Sheppard and the suffrage movement. We had to do a lot of talking to get this done because everyone had to know what they were doing. Talking helped us get this finished because we had to talk to see if it makes sense. 

T3 Production Practise

Today we had dance. We split of into our 3 groups and practiced the dance we learnt with Zoe. Our class is doing 70's to 80's music. The songs were I See Red, Staying Alive and the Footloose song.  We were doing rewindable learning.  Rewindable learning is when you can go back to your learning and go over the moves again.  I learnt that the music in the olden music is not that bad. 


For writing today our focus was idioms . Idiom are a group of words that have the same meaning but one is exaggerated. I have made a DLO with an example of idiom and images to back up the sentence. I have learnt that idiom is another way of saying something but using exaggeration. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Suffrage Movement

For this task we worked collaboratively to write a 25 word summary about what the suffrage movement was. We watched a video explaining the suffrage movement. I was working with Jeremiah, Sylis and Tiava. One thing that I found interesting was that people risked their lives so that women can vote. We all contributed to this by talking to each other to decide if what we had written made sense, and if the information we had found answered our question.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey

Today at assembly we had a special guest. Her name was Rachel she is from Auckland University. Rachel set up a Winter Learning Journey for schools around Auckland. Rachel gave out certificates for all the people who participated. After that she had 6 prizes for 1,2 and 3. There was 6 prizes because two people won third which was Ofa and Eric, in second  we had to more prizes which was for Alex and AJ, and there was two winners for first place which was Daniel and Oh Shen. Rachel also acknowledge the top girl blogger which was Nazella. In the prizes they won they had lollies, rugby balls, fidget spinner and some other cool stuff. I want to thank Rachel for coming to our school and giving prizes out for our school.

Technology - Digital Tech

Today at Digital Tech we started our animated story on scratch about healthy living. The first thing we did was a kahoot. To me the quiz was easy because it was just about what we learnt. After that I created my animated story is about picking up rubbish and keeping our environment clean.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It Pays To Win

For this task we had to solve some problems. I worked with Ofa and Sylis. We had to use our times tables knowledge to work out the answers. This task was a bit hard because we had to multiply big numbers.


Our writing focus today was hyperbole's. If you don't know what that is it is extreme exaggeration used in a sentence. I have illustrated one of my hyperbole's which was "I  was so hungry I could the whole entire earth" I think this was a bit easy because it wasn't hard making the hyperbole but it kind of was hard when you had to add it in your story because it had to fit in with the setting of the story.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Strategy Practice

L.I: I am Learning to find the answer to division problems by changing them to similar problems that have the same answer.
Today Fraidoon and I have just started a new strategy for our strategy practise. We managed to get 5 practice equations. I think this strategy will help me in the future. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why Is It So Important To Keep Oral Storytelling Alive?

It is important that we remember to pass down the  storytelling of Maori people and keeping it alive because it can keep the Maori language alive. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How Maui Slowed The Sun

For this terms reading our focus is myths and legends. For today's task Sylis and I created a comic strip using StoryBoard That. We had read a story about How Maui Slowed The Sun. After reading the story I had made a comic strip that summarizes one of the scenes in the book. I chose the scene when Maui and his brothers are catching the sun. 

Ordering Fractions

For maths today we were doing an ordering fractions activity. There was only 3 questions so it was really easy. 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Digi Tech - Problems, Solutions and Timeframes

Needs and Opportunities - Problems and Solutions (Brainstorm)
For our needs and opportunities task we had to talk about the healthy living in the Tamaki community
Key Stages And Timeframes (Plan Of Action)
Our Key Stages and Time stages task shows you the activity we are going to do and finish and how long it takes to do it.
Link To Spread Sheet

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Agree To Disagree

Today some people were chosen to show Ms Apelu (Visitor) how we work in LS2. We were discussing about plastic. Mia, Oh Sen, Zane and Nazella and myself all had to agree to disagree. We had three sections. The first section says important ideas, the next said 4 very important ideas and the last said 3 vital ideas. We all agreed that this was were it should go.


People Power

Today for maths we had solve out a maths problem that had percentages in it. Ofa and I were struggling at first but when Mrs Kirkpatrick showed us how to use a very amazing strategie that our group all used. This strategie included multiplication and division skills. I learnt that in Asia there a 3,672 people living there. This country has the most population out of all the countries I have been doing percentages about.


Today we had our Orienteering Inter schools for the year 5,6,7,8. This event was held at Pt England school. Panmure Bridge School did a very good job with following the map correctly. We had all shown our hard work we do at orienteering practice at school. Before the event we learnt how to face the map. This really helped us because it was easy to know where we were going. The challenging thing for all of us was the mud and puddles. Thank you to Mrs Kirkpatrick, Mrs Latoya, Mrs Spooner, for transport and to Mrs Kirkpatrick for looking after us. 

Tamaki Wrap

On Tuesday a group of Ladies from Glen Ines came to our school to talk about soft plastic recycling It. It was really cool we had to cut rubbish that they have collected like chippie packets and and left over lollies wrappers. In thie first station it said 1 week of New Zealand rubbish can fill up a whole rugby stadium like Eden Park. The next station we were cutting pieces of rubbish to fill up the turtle. The next station we had to cut fabric to design things that are good like a metal pen that you can use forever you just need to refill the ink when it runs out instead of a plastic pen that when the ink runs out you would throw it in the rubbish. The last station was what we wanted our environment to look like in the future and now.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Cybersmart: Email Etiquette

Today for cyber smart we were learning the tips of how to write a etiquette email. First we watched a video explaining what could happen if we post bad things online. After we had to make a DLO with tips of how to make a etiquette email. I have learnt that if you need to get straight to the point of writing your email you need to, use short paragraphs or bullets to stay organised.  

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Animation- Winter and Summer Solstice

This is my animation that I have made with Sylis and Tiava. In this animation we had to explain what the summer and winter solstice is and how the seasons work. A new thing that I learnt while making this was that the summer solstice is the longest day in the year and the winter solstice is the shortest day in a year.

Legend Of The Seven Stars

For the Matariki Study Lyric and I have completed our second challenge which was the learning about the legends of the seven stars. First we had to watch a video about the legends of the seven stars and then answer question that we were given. Lyric and I learnt a lot of new things. We learnt the names of the seven stars and we also learnt who they had visit in the video. The photo in our DLO is Papa-Tu-A-Nuku the grandmother of the seven stars. The information below of the DLO shows you the reference of the video so you know where we got our information from.


For this task I had to find out about different ways people celebrate winter solstice. I worked with Sylis and Tiava to make a DLO of a celebration we found interesting. We choose India. Did you know that India lights fires signaling the end of winter solstice?

P.B.S Blackout Day

Today it was the P.B.S blackout day. We had to dress in black if you were supporting the All Black and Red if you were supporting the Lions. We had  an assembly singing Tu Tera Mina Iwi. We also watched a video about the Lions tour this year and we said in our loudest voices GO  ALL BLACKS! After that the boys from our school Kapa Haka group did the All Blacks haka while my class was holding up the All Blacks names and Jersey number. Next we went outside and created All Blacks with our whole school while Mr Wong flew a drone above recording what we created. Next our whole school made a circle around the court passing the rugby ball saying All Blacks but I was saying Lions. Next our class took a photo with the new Panmure Bridge logo.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Learning In Digi Tech So Far

In Moana hour of Code we had to complete 20 levels of coding it was really fun and funny at the end when we made the enemy's do a Haka using commands like jump and shake.
On scratch we were learning more about coding. It was really fun getting backdrops and broadcasting.
For this activity we wrote down some examples of the healthy living in the Tamaki Community. One of the examples was the food. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Today we had dance. It was really fun because we got to film what we had so far with our dance. We had a lot of moves. My favourite move was the staircase. It was really funny because I accidentally hit my arm on the hand sanitize.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Time for items to biodegrade

This graph shows how long it take for items to biodegrade. Plastic bags and styrofoam cups take the longest to biodegrade, while leather shoes and nylon fabric take the shortest amount of time to biodegrade.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Soft Plastics Recycling

Today Mrs. Caroline had a talk to our class about soft plastics recycling. We learnt about the crunch test. The crunch test is when you crunch something into a ball. If you make a ball it is soft plastic and if it doesn't make a ball it is not soft plastic. We also learnt that New Zealanders throw away 1.6 billion plastic bags are thrown away each year which means New Zealanders throw away 4.6 million plastic bags away every day.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Today for music we were continuing on making our dance moves. Ofa, Fraidon, Josh S and I we working together to make our dance moves. We also had to chose a song that our group was going to do with our dance moves. We also had to choose a music. The music we choose had to suit our dance moves. So if we are doing our moves our music can't be a ballerina song because it doesn't suit. The music had to be at the same speed and beat as our music. My favourite move we did was our staircase move.

Worm Farms

For inquiry we changed teachers so we were working with Mrs Kirkpatrick. It was fun We read 3 articles about France, New York/ San Francisco, and Sydney. I was really amazed how France  banned supermarkets to donate all there left over food to charity's. In the article we read about France it says supermarkets cannot make food rot on purpose. We were writing words on the board that were the most interesting and then we had to pick one to do a DLO about. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Shopping Spree

For this maths problem Miki,Shannon and I had to use Highest Common Factor or H.C.F to work out the question and then the problems were division problems. Which made it relatively easy to work them out but not only did we have to find out the price but also how much of a difference it is between the original price so it was also a subtraction problem.

Summary: Mataio

We had a learning conversation about a book we read. Our group had to write a summary about the facts. To do this we had to negotiate the 20 most important words Then we chose the 6 most important words. After that we used those 6 words in sentences to summaries the information.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


For reading we had to find the positive and negative outcomes of recycling. We were split into two groups boys and girls. We had to form our own point of view. We read two articles about recycling. One of the articles was telling you the good things about recycling and the bad things. My opinion was recycling is good because we are not throwing the rubbish we recycled into landfills which is not good for our evviorment.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today for music we were continuing on making our dance moves. Ofa, Fraidon, Josh S and I we working together to make our dance moves. We also had to chose a song that our group was going to do with our dance moves. We also had to choose a music. The music we choose had to suit our dance moves. So if we are doing our moves our music can't be a ballerina song because it doesn't suit. The music had to be at the same speed and beat as our music. My favourite move we did was our staircase move.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Haiku Poetry

This week we are learning how to write a haiku poetry. First we watched a video of how Maui brought fire the world. After watching video we had to make a DLO and retell the video making a haiku poetry. We had to write three sentences of what happened in the video. For the first line there had to be 5 syllables, the second sentence had to be 7 syllables, and for the last sentence we had to write 5 syllables. For example destroying is 3 syllables because de, story, ing. I learnt that the Haiku Poetry comes from Japan.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


This week it is Samoan language week. We had two choices it was either Kilikiti (Cricket in Samoa) or Tatau ( A Tattoo from Samoa). I chose Kilikiti. Kilikiti was a game introduced from missionaries. In Kilikiti it has the same rules as Cricket but you can have 10 to 20 people in a team. The Samoan people say it is more than a sport it is like a celebration.

Maths Problem

Today for maths we were looking at BEDMAS which stands for Bracets, Exponents, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. We were given four equations of BEDMAS to solve out. It was pretty easy for me. After that we were told to make a DLO of either the equation we had to solve out or make a DLO about what BEDMAS is. Ofa and I did a DLO of the equation that we were given. It was hard at the start to solve out the equation but we got help from Mrs Kirkpatrick (teacher).

Friday, 26 May 2017

Tech- Digi Tech

Today at Tech my group are doing Digi Tech. Our teacher for Digi Tech is Ms Anderson. We were developing skills so we can make a game on scratch at the end of the term. After That we made our own site. We were playing a game called Moana we had to get away from the Kakamura and join moves like move forwards, turn right and turn left. Tech Today was amazing.