Tuesday, 16 February 2016

LS1 Favourite soccer teams

Today San Kyaw and I did a statistical investigation on LS1's Favorite soccer team.
A skill that I learnt is to record my data on a spreadsheet

We asked 62 people who their favourite soccer team was.

A fact about LS1 is that 43 people liked FC Barcelona which is 3/4 of the people.

Also Real Madrid only got 15

Manchester city got 3

PSG got 1

And Bayern Munchin got 0

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

LS1 Birthdays

The Highest amount of Birthdays is celebrated is April.
Screenshot 2016-02-09 at 11.43.56 AM.png
The month that was celebrated the least was December.

July,November and March had the same number of Birthdays celebrated in Each month was celebrated 3 times.

January and October has the  same amount of Birthdays.

August and June celebrate the same amount of Birthdays.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

All About me

Talofa my name is Mataio and I go to Panmure Bridge School.My culture is Samoan and I am also part German.In my spare time I like to practice my passing for Touch and Rugby league.This year I went to Rotorua to represent Auckland.We went to the final but unfortunately we lost by 1 try but we returned with a silver medal.