Thursday, 16 August 2018

Lansing Shoal Lighthouse

This week we are focusing on light houses in New Zealand. Our group leader decided to choose Tiritiri Matangi. I think that our group works really well together because we can communicate about things and what we should do to help out with the work. We found an interesting fact about our light house, the light house was made out of cast iron and cast iron is made for making frying pans. We did as much as work as we could to finish this task. There are twenty three light houses in New Zealand and seventy six lights, that's a fact.

Chicago's Sports Teams

Today we were creating a DLO about Chicago sports team. What I found out about one of the teams was they recorded all there victories since 6 years. I worked collaboratively with my group because we did the same amount of work and we all communicated. When one person was finished they would have to help the person that is not finished. We managed to finish this task.  

No Hea Koe?

This is what we learned in Maori. We had to name some landmarks in New Zealand and then we had to name landmarks around the world. But we had to write the Maori name for it. To do this activity we had to find a partner that you have to work collaboratively with to finish this. I found this activity very interesting because some landmarks I didn't even knew existed. 


Today at Kiwican we changed our topic from Goal Setting to Problem solving. In our Kiwican lesson we learning how to solve problems. First we talk what problems we have in class and in our community and then we did a exercise where we have to untangle ourselves. I found it difficult because not all people could jump over each other. After the activity we then got in a circle and talked some more about how we could solve more problems. Then we did another activity where we had to split up in 2 teams then everyone had to get over the electric fence which was a rope. I found this kiwican lesson very helpful because now I know how to solve some problems out of school and in school.

HIIT Training

HIIT training today was great. Firstly we did push ups, I found the very last sets of push ups very hard because my arms started to hurt. Secondly we did star jumps I found the very easy but again when it got to the end it got hard because my legs and arms started to hurt a little bit.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Today we had our third HIIT session for term 3. We did the same exercise we did last week. The first exercise we did was high knee sprints then tap step, mountain climbers and star jumps. I found the exercise very challenging because I didn't do any other exercises in the weekend other than my rugby game on Saturday. A big thank you Tiava and Zane for helping demonstrate the 4 exercises and another thank you to  Mrs Anderson for supporting us on the way. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Cook Island Language Week

This week is Cook Island Language Week. So from Wednesday to Friday we stared learning more about it.  When we had finished our presentation about the Cook Islands. We had to pick anyone in our class to have a special conversation in Cook Island. I found these 2 tasks very interesting because before this I never knew that there are many islands that made up the Cook Islands and that the main island of it is Rarotonga and and the tourist attraction is Aituaki. I liked this activity because we got to learn some words that the islands use.