Thursday, 20 September 2018

Duffy Assembly - Michel Mulipola

Today Panmure Bridge had their Term 3 Duffy Assembly. We had two special guest Campbell from Main freight and our special visitor Michel Mulipola. If you don't who he is, he is a comic book illustrations. It was surprising to hear that he was a professional wrestler, and a semi-professional tekken gamer. He came to tell us about his life story and what he does as a career. I was shocked to hear that he was a semi-professional tekken gamer. He was also here to give out our Duffy Books. The second photo above is a picture he has illustrated for the book Fanene Peter Maivia (Son Of Samoa). The photo is Dwayne Johnson's grandfather. In this book it talks about how Peter Maivia is wrestling for the world title in Samoa, Apia. In my perspectives I think Michel has illustrated this character amazingly. We all thank him for what he had done today and hope he comes again. I would also like to thank Campbell from Main freight who came today and our two librarians who sorted out our library books.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Spaghetti Bridges/Brick Test

Today for inquiry we were testing our bridges that we have been working on from the past 1 to 2 weeks. Everyone in our inquiry group had to build there bridge out of 1 pack of spaghetti. I think the group I worked in did an awesome job because the first time we went up it was only able to hold 5 bricks. It was very exciting when our bridge held up 3 because our group predicted that it would only be able to hold up 2. Since the bridge only held up five and slipped, we came back at the end of the session and tried to carry the most amount of bricks which was eight we didn't really think that it would hold up 8 bricks but it did. Our bridges span was 25 cm and could hold between 5 to 8 bricks.  

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Why Do People Build Bridges?

Why Do People Build Bridges?

As you can see there are a lot of bridges around the world.
Bridges today remain for many purposes such as easy access, needing to cross, get
to one place to another, going over and not thru. You see some bridges are still standing today.
Many bridges around the world have a different names instead of a normal bridge name.
There are a ton of bridges that are made for different purposes.

Most people think that Bridges were simply made so you can get from point A to B.
Another reasons is that they built a bridges so people don’t have to risk their lives going threw a river.
Bridges are also made because it is easier, faster and it is a more efficient way to get from city to city.
Back in the 17 century the first bridge was made. It was called the Iron Bridge.
It was made for easy accessible natural resources like: wood logs, stone and dirt and
was built to make an easier route to get to the other side, instead of going over deep
valleys and threw rivers.

These structures have the ability to cover a long distance, which makes getting from place to place very simple.
Bridges are very vital because without them you would have to be going on a vehicle ferry to get to the
other side which takes a lot of time and down and up the valley which takes up a lot of time, but when we
have bridges you can just go straight over which makes it very efficient and easy.

It is easier to see why people build bridges now.
The point was that it could save lives, time, and saves you from going in a
boat and go over the river. There's much more than just the view from a bridge or just crossing it.

For centuries around the world, bridges have improved the operation of society and have also benefited the transportation of necessities. To answer the question 'Why do people build bridges?' I have written an explanation which will hopefully tell people about the importance of bridges and how it has contributed to the shaping of modern society.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days: Character Review

This is my character review. we had to pick a certain part of the book and draw a comic on it. This comic strip is about I boy named Greg who wanted to spend his time inside playing video games all summer, but his mom had different plans for Greg and his family. She wanted her family to spend more time together outside of the house. 

Diary Of A Wimpy: Dog Days: Theme Review

This is my theme review where we had to explain the 2 main themes in this book. The 2 main themes in this book are togetherness and friendship. Togetherness is shown when his mom told him to spend some more time with family and friends. He does show that quality when he goes with his friends and family to spend time at a beach house. He also shows it when he wants to go to the pool with his family. Friendship is shown when he becomes friends again with Rowley.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days: Setting Review

This is my setting review. I had to draw/create the main places that are in this book. The main places were: the beach, the country club, Greg's house, Rowley's house and there lawn mowing service. I found the setting very interesting since it was set in multiple places.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days: Authors Purpose Review

For reading we were given multiple task to review the book. The first task I finished was the authors purpose review. I had to find out what the main purpose or purposes for the book. There were 2 main purposes of this book which was to entertain and to inform you about problems 8th graders have which was in this case staying inside playing video games and not spending time with family and friends.