Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Kokako Lodge Broshure

Today I had to create a brochure about our camp. It was fun we chose to do high ropes, Archery and Orienteering it was really fun.

Camp Collage

Today we had to make a collage in our activity group my group was activity group 5 we made a collage of our rotations and photos of us dabbing.

Kokako Bird

Today we had to make a Infographic about the North Island Kokako. When we were reading about it the information was very interesting. This  task was very fun.

Camp-Photo Story

Today we had to make a photo story about our camp. We did a lot of things my highlight of camp was archery because it was amazing and was easy to get the hang of it. I wish camp was every year so I can go again.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Camp Recount

As I put one finger above the knock I felt scared and nervous in my head because the string might hit my arm and was nervous because the arrow might go above below. Slowly I pulled back the string  bang I shot the arrow it was going straight to the the mud. I shouted WHY!

Now I have to grab my arrows. I stood in the mud with a funny face. It was disgusting my shoes that just got washed that was looking bright red into bright brown. I was very worried and was imagining what my dad will say when he saw my shoes?

I had my last 3 shots BANG BANG BANG all my shots all gone that fast. They all hit the board but they landed on the blue one. I was disappointed that I didn’t hit the balloon.

I wish camp was every because I had a lot of fun there and I want to do archery again.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Water Care with Sally

On Monday we had Mrs Sally from Water Care to come and talk to us about Water Cycles , Rivers/Lake and Rubbish/Bad Liquid going to the sea and how bad it is for sea animals. We had a lot of fun with Mrs Sally. I learnt of stuff. We learnt not to put rubbish on the ground because this could go down the drain into the sea and sea animals which is not good. I think we should be responsible and pick up our rubbish. In this DLO it shows what we did with Mrs Sally. We had three challenges that connected with Rivers and Lakes. One of our challenge was to build a lake out of rocks and see if we could fit 12 liters of water inside our lake. Everyone had fun. 

Auckland is been asked to conserve water/why?

Today we had to make a DLO on Auckland conserving water. We had to conserve water because Water care cannot keep up with cleaning the water. So we have to save 20 litres a day of water. We can do this by have shorter showers, only use dishwasher and washing machine when they are full and turn of the tap when brushing your teeth.