Thursday, 18 May 2017

Maths Problem

Today for maths problem to solve. When we solved all the problems we had to pick one of the questions and write how you got the answer for each person.  In this activity we used a lot of multiplication and division. It was very hard to explain how I got the answer but I got there in the end.  


Today we did dance it was really fun we learn free flow moves and bound flow moves. In this activity we had to create shapes like twisted shapes, Straight shapes, curve shapes, angular shapes, level's, freeze and travel. It was very fun we had to dance to a song by Jean- Michel Jarre. We had to get into partners we had to create shapes like square, circle and triangle.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World of Maths

Yesterday we went to World of Maths. We met a man name Charles who talked us through all the activities that I couldn't to do. We got into small groups of five, four or three. My favourite activity was the Greedy Blocks. It was my favourite activy because it was very challenging. We had to use add, subtract and division. My group had to work together to get all 5 answers. It was very hard but we got there in the end.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

'Est' Word Cline

Today for reading my group did the chunky challenge the chunk was Est. It was very fun we had to write words we already knew and words we didn't before we looked them up. When we finished that we had to create a simple, Compound and Complex sentences using one of the words we learnt or already new. After that we made a google draw to create a word Cline. We had to write the words we learnt and already new on the word Cline.

Writing- Similes

Today for writing my group was learning about similes. Similes are used to compare words using like or as. First we had to match up a bunch of different similes and then we had to choose one to illustrate. This is the similes that I choose to illustrate: as good as gold.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Today we went Tech. It  was fun we were drawing 3d shapes like a cube, a cuboid and crating. We had 2 pieces of paper I learnt a new word isometric. Isometric means having equal dimensions. It was very challenging to colour in properly or count properly. We also learnt about tones we found out that tone is like colour or music. We made a 3 by 3 cube. In the front we had to colour dark and has hard as you can on the top you had to colour as light as you can and on the sides we had to colour not that hard and not to soft.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Today we had a session for dance. We had to get in partners I was working with Fraidoon. It was very fun we watched a video on how to warm up and stretch. Our task was make our own warm up routine. A warm up helps you get your muscles warm. Fraidoon and I wrote 7 stretches like star jumps and squats. Fraidoon and I made up one called the derpy it was a dab then a burpie. I really liked dance because we got to work in partners and write our own routine and Mrs Anderson made dance very fun.