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The last Ninjas

Once upon there was a big fight between The Awesome and The Tough The Awesome was a very bad team but they had assassins as you know The Tough had are very good team and had Ninjas they were not stronger than The awesomes assassins because they have all the hall of fame assassins plus they have legend Ninjas that they stole from us.But us we have the strongest Sensei that has ever lived and the best trainer his name was Sir Tough Mcstrong he was the best trainer that ever lived he went to a place called wasabi Ninjas that is the best dojo ever but on the other side of the street there was a dojo named the black dragons they had a lot of people they had over a thousand people in it.

When The Awesome and The Tough had a fight every leader must fight first so Dastan from The Awesome stepped forward and Sir Tough Mcstrong stepped forward  they started to have 1 outs with each other but lucky Sir Tough Mcstrong won in 1 hit The Ninjas were laughing then they stopped when The Awesomes assassins ran up but at the end of the fight The Tough won but there were only 5 last Ninjas and sensei so that makes 6 there was 7 assassins plus there Sensei so that makes 8 they ran up and they started punching and when it was just the Senseis and there assassin and Ninja The Leader of The Tough was still alive he got up and wiped them with his belt and that was the end of the last Ninjas.  

Free to a good home.

A few days ago I used We video to talk about a story we read in our own words.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Healthy food heart.

Yesterday I used voice thread to talk about my Healthy food heart.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Whats in my lunchbox?

Today what was in my lunch box there I had a apple,cookies,Sandwich,Nutri-grain bar,orange and a banana.That is what you call a healthy lunch a part from the Nutri-Grain bar