Friday, 15 April 2016

ProtoTech Maths Results

This is my Prototech Maths Results I got 1 wrong out of 5 but the rest I got 5/5.

Xtra Maths Results

This is my Xtra Maths Results I got everyone of them right but I need to work on my speed because I should be getting it in a blink of an eye 

Thursday, 14 April 2016


This is my Prototech maths I got 5/5 every sheet i got

Elephant Tooth Paste

This my Elephant Toothpaste Procedure it will show all the steps how to make it and thanks to Mrs Kirk Patrick's Friends for coming to our school and showing us how to do it

Elephant Toothpaste

On Wednesday LS1 went to do science. We were making elephant toothpaste. We did our experiment with Miss.Kirkpatrick's friends from Tamaki that do the science there came to Panmure Bridge School. Our ingredients we had was Hydrogen peroxide,Cylinder,Detergent,Bottle and potassium iodide.

First we put Hydrogen peroxide in the cylinder 100 mL.
After that we put some detergent in. Next we put Potassium iodide in when we put it in it made a orange colour and exploded and the elephant toothpaste came out. If you touched it your hands will go yellow.

The next time we done the Elephant Toothpaste in a bottle we did it added the same ingredients but it was just in a bottle when it erupted the bottle was melting and it was shrinked to a small bottle the ladies came around to everyone and let them touch it was very warm.

Finally we went back to our classes it was a cool experience to be watching elephant toothpaste thank to miss Kiri Patrick’s friends.

Making Butter

The Yr 6 made butter with double cream we had to shake the jar to prodruce butter.

Monday, 11 April 2016

LS1 Favourite Sports

This is LS1 Favourite Sports most people liked Soccer,Netball and Rugby.

LS1 Favourite Pets

This is LS1 favourite pets most people wanted dogs some people liked cats,Goldfish,Rabbit and Guinea pig. 

LS1 Cultures

This is a chart on the people in LS1. What their culture is most people in our class was Tongan and New Zealand

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to make Crystals

Class Vote on Current flag or The New Flag

This is my chart on if you want the current flag or the new flag. Most of LS1 voted to keep the current flag. I chose to keep the current flag because our Anzac's fort with that flag in World war 1 and 2

Monday, 4 April 2016

Xtra maths Results

I am on Subtraction because I have been working hard and I was working at a pace under 3 seconds

Xtra Maths Results

This is my Xtra maths result's I need to work on my speed because I got 1 tick that means I answered it over 3 seconds.

Number of people in LS1 that likes these sports

Abdurrahim and I made a chart based on favourite sports in LS1 we counted how many people liked Soccer,Rugby,Netball,Hockey,Tennis and Cricket.

Friday, 1 April 2016

All About Crystals

My group was with Fraidoon,Jack and Alex we done research and watching videos on YouTube all about crystals

Xtra math Results

 This is my xtra maths results i got no wrong but i need to work on my speed and work faster so i can get the answers in a blink of an eye.


This my Prototec Maths I need to work on my grouping within 100 and addition to 20

Acrostic Poem About Easter

This is My Acrostic poem this shows what Easter is all about.