Friday, 23 February 2018

Design - Compare and Contrast - Design Brief

Design Brief


What can the design be used for? Alarms, Hold, Video watching and charging.

What will the design look like? It need to be able hold a phone in any angle.
What can you do with the design? A lot of things
What am I going to design? A phone holder
What will the design be made from? Abs plastic
What is the process of making the design? 3d printer


Where am I going to put the design? In my bedroom or table
Where are we going to make the design? In Tamaki College

Why are we making the design? So you can watch movies and youtube videos.
Why do we need it? Because it makes life easier

Who will use this design? Me and family members
Who can I give this design to? Family and friends
Who will like this design so much that they want one? Some of my friends
Who is going to design it? Me myself and I

When will we take the design home? 10 weeks
When will we finish the design? 8 weeks
When will the design be used? When I get sick of fortnite and go on my phone.

How long will it last? About 1 year
How durable are the materials? It depends if it comes out thick or not
How will we make the design? 3d printer

Today at graphics we talked about design briefing.We wrote down a bunch of who, what, where, when and how questions. After writing them I answered the questions. Then we made a comparison between two different mobile stands we found on the internet. We compared the color the style and some of the materials.


Yesterday for kiwi sport we were focusing on Softball. We were learning how to throw and pass the ball. I also learnt the crocodile and butterfly shape to catch. The catching easy at times but it was still hard.

P.B.S Whakatauki

What is whakatauki? That was the only question going around my head. A whakatauki is a form of Maori poetry passed down by previous generations. At Panmure Bridge School our whakatauki is manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua. It means care for the land, care for the people, go forward. This means care for the land our school was founded upon, care and respect the learners around you, and be confident in yourself to strive for excellence. On my DLO it talks about our whakatauki, and our school values which are C.A.R.E. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Pathway

For the first week of reading with Mrs Anderson we are learning about the treaty of Waitangi. The treaty of Waiting is an agreement between the Maori and the English. During the 1700's - 1800's the British were the superpower of the world. They have colonised many countries that are now independent. The British used to buy land for things as little as a pound. A pound was useless in New Zealand because they did not use cash. British settlement had a huge impact on New Zealand. British people weren't respecting the culture and laws the Maori's put in place. The book we read was a timeline that lead up to the treaty of Waitangi.

Why The Chinese New Year Is Celebrated

Why is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

Related imageImage result for lantern festival
Do you know why the Chinese New Year is celebrated? Well let us tell you how and why the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Every year there is always a different animal to represent Chinese New Years. This year is the year of the dog.

In 2018 the Chinese New Year is in February the sixteenth. Everyone around the world has gathered together to celebrate or honor the Chinese new years. Chinese new years celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival, in china it starts on the twenty third day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

The festival lasts for about 23 days, ending on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the following year in the Chinese calendar. Each year the date changes for the Festival. All families especially in China come together to have a family dinner to celebrate Chinese New Years.

Chinese New Year is a public holiday in China, which lasts for a few days. It is also a public holiday in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, North Korea, Singapore, North Korea, and Vietnam. It is not a public holiday for countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand however, some business may close early, and some streets may be closed for a while to allow a festival to take place.

Chinese New Year is the most important and longest of all Chinese Festivals, celebrated in China community and worldwide.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Graphic Design - Me!!

Today was our first session back at tech. Firstly we got into our new teach groups. The group I was in went to Graphic and Design. It was awesome we had to create our own avatars then show what we like or do on a DLO.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Inquiry - Winter Olympic - Comparison Of Mascots

This week Freeman, Joseph and I created a Venn Diagram comparing the 2018 Winter Olympic games and the 2002 Winter Olympic games. I found this task very interesting because I have never learnt or heard about this activity before. 

Morning Routine

  • Waking up
  • Breakfast
  • Shower

Morning Routine

Do you know what my morning routine is? Well let me tell what I do in my morning routine. My routine is very simple but it is not like most people.

Firstly I wake up really early like 5:00 in the morning then I go to the bathroom wash my face then I go back to my room and see what is on my feed on Instagram then play songs while playing play station with my friends.

When the time is 6:30 I get off my play station and I put some cold water into the jug. After filling the jug up . When the jug has finished boiling I make myself a Milo and have weet bix or cereal for breakfast.

After breakfast I go in the shower. After my shower I get changed into my school uniform then go back to the bathroom brush my teeth and do my hair. Then I put cream on my legs, face and arms.

As you can see my morning routine is very simple but it can be hard sometimes.

2014 Auckland Marathon

This week for Maths we were focusing to the 2014 Auckland Marathon Problem. For this learning I worked with my friend Miki to solve the problem. This DLO shows how much faster was the winner than average for 2014 Auckland Marathon Full and Half. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Today for inquiry the group my group and I made a Venn Diagram about the 1924 Olympics and the modern Olympics. I found this activity very interesting because I found out things that I never learnt. The thing I found interesting was that there were only 16 countries in the 1924 Winter Olympics but now there is 82 - 99 countries in the Winter Olympics.

Blog Post Analysis

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Remembering our summer holiday

L.I. - Writing to recount
Writing using language features to engage readers

Complete these sentences about an event over the summer holiday. Don’t tell us what the event was just give us enough information that we can know for ourselves.

I heard the birds whistling  
I heard waves crashing
I saw the people surfing
I felt the boiling hot sand on my feet
I felt the ice cold water
I wondered what sea creatures were beneath me
I wondered if the sunscreen I put on would protect