Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Why The Chinese New Year Is Celebrated

Why is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

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Do you know why the Chinese New Year is celebrated? Well let us tell you how and why the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Every year there is always a different animal to represent Chinese New Years. This year is the year of the dog.

In 2018 the Chinese New Year is in February the sixteenth. Everyone around the world has gathered together to celebrate or honor the Chinese new years. Chinese new years celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival, in china it starts on the twenty third day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

The festival lasts for about 23 days, ending on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the following year in the Chinese calendar. Each year the date changes for the Festival. All families especially in China come together to have a family dinner to celebrate Chinese New Years.

Chinese New Year is a public holiday in China, which lasts for a few days. It is also a public holiday in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, North Korea, Singapore, North Korea, and Vietnam. It is not a public holiday for countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand however, some business may close early, and some streets may be closed for a while to allow a festival to take place.

Chinese New Year is the most important and longest of all Chinese Festivals, celebrated in China community and worldwide.

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