Friday, 22 December 2017

Week 2 - Day 1 - Activity 2

In this activity I had to voice my opinion on whether or not I thought that it was fair that women weren't allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia until 2015.

Personally I thought this was an unfair decision because I think women should've been able to vote in Saudi Arabia. They should have the vote because they are human beings like us and the only difference between them is that they are boys and they are girls. The ruler probably only changed it because of all the women protesting around the world or other countries are allowing them to vote.


  1. Hi Mataio,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team. It's great to be reading another of your activities.

    Good thinking! I think that they should have been able to vote for much longer than that as well. It's interesting what you have said about people protesting so that women were able to vote in Saudi Arabia. There was a lot of protesting I believe!

    How does it make you feel that New Zealand was the first country to let women vote? I know it makes me feel proud to be a New Zealander.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Hello Mataio
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. I agree with you - women should have the same rights as men because we are all human, no matter the gender. Keep up the excellent work Mataio!