Monday, 11 December 2017

Leadership Speech - 2017

Sports Leader

Hi my name is Mataio and I am the best candidate for sports leader 2018.

Firstly I am a very active person and have joined every interschool this year. I would be a great sports leader because I know how to be part of a team and know how to represent our school at inter schools with respect, self confidence, teamwork and a lot of sportsmanship.

Secondly I will strive and represent Panmure Bridge School in the best way possible and become a role model to all younger students. I’ve gained confidence through participating in all activities and having a positive attitude towards trying new things.

I can motivate others and encourage them to try their best and never give up. I can inspire others when they feel discouraged, not able to do something, not wanting to participate or being mocked.

My speech is now coming to an end. To call myself sports leader for 2018 will be a honor and a privilege. This position is made for me and I will be able to prove that if you vote me for your sports leader for 2018.

Today we had our leadership speeches to find out who is going to be the leader's for 2018. I went for sports leader to me I was very nervous at first but then I gained confidence during my speech. Good luck to everyone who said a speech.

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