Friday, 22 December 2017

Week 1 - Day 5 - Activity 1

 For this activity I had to translate some phrases from Maori to English and for others English to Maori.

Nau mai ki Aotearoa.
Welcome to New Zealand

____ is my name.
Ko toku ingoa

What is your name?
He aha to ingoa?

He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro.
I like to play rugby.

Where do you come from?
No hea koe?


  1. Kia ora Mataio
    Well done on this activity, I bet it was a chance to learn a new culture. Was it difficult for you to do this task?

  2. Hi Mataio,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team!

    You've done a really good job translating these sentences. I like how you have thought about adding both the English and Maori translations. That makes it really easy to know what each sentence says for your readers. Don't forget to add your name in the second sentence otherwise it won't make sense.

    Could you tell me something you like to do in Maori? For example, I like to play the piano. In Maori that's: he pai taku ki te takaro i te piana.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Hello Mataio
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. Your did an excellent job on translating those phrases. Just a note for next time - I think the space in front of the 'is my name' is for you name (e.g: Daniel is my name). Keep up the good work Mataio.