Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How Children Learn At School?

At school we learn many different and new things. Children take risks and ask a lot of questions about their learning.

Children always learn from and with each other. When they make a mistake they now know what not to do the next time. While growing up children develop new skills.

Children are always want to learn more. Children will always be encouraged  by their relatives to chase their dreams and learn more. Every child has a role model. A role model is someone you look up to or someone you want to be like.For example your mum or dad. 

Children improve their skills and will try anything to make them better. Children will encourage each other and make each other better by challenging each other and practicing with each other. 

Children will use their learning and use it in their everyday lives like when you are buying something and the person gives you the wrong change you can  use your maths to prove him wrong.

This week for writing we have been practicing how to write an explanation about how children learn at school. Before writing we planned our explanation so we knew what to write in our text. Nickaela and I were partners. We both worked collaboratively together to finish our work. We learnt that in an Explanation there has to be a Title, an Introduction that could have a hook like a rhetorical question, Paragraph 1 2 3 and the Conclusion. The writing above shows you the explanation we wrote. 

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