Wednesday, 14 December 2016

3d Shapes

This is my 3d shapes we had to draw 3d shapes. We had to colour the background and colour the shapes that suit the background.

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  1. Good morning Mataio~

    I really like the 3D shapes that you have created and posted to your blog. The colours are particularly bold. They remind me of Christmas!

    Speaking of Christmas, I hope that you have had a really nice holiday so far. I've spent most of it blogging with students from Panmure Bridge School who are part of the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's a free blogging programme that includes 60 different activities related to the theme of 'Travel and Adventure.' Each activity is worth points and I'll read each your activity posts, provide comments and add up your points. At the end of the summer I'll come to Panmure Bridge school (PBS) to hand out prizes and certificates to the participants!

    I hope that you'll consider joining the journey this year. To join, simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey website, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab, choose an activity and post a blog about it.

    Lots of PBS students are already participating. I hope that you'll join in! The programme runs until Friday 27 January.