Friday, 1 June 2018

Ballad Poem - Charlotte Ann

This week LS2 focused on a ballad poem which was based on a pioneer name Charlotte Anne. Charlotte Anne wasn't like other women. She wore jeans that means would wear and Hobnail boots that were size 6. She worked as a bullocky (bullock driver) with other men and she broke down social barriers and wasn't ashamed of being herself and what she did. She took a lot of risk in her life and told herself that women are just capable as men. During reading this poem we learnt a few words such as Catamaran, Marrow, Yarning, Caressed. The word I found interesting was caressed which means to stroke someone or something gently. We didn't just research about Charlotte Anne but also the author of the poem. His name was John Thomas Diamond (short for John.T Diamond). We wrote facts about him and I learnt that he was a New Zealand Author and sadly passed away in 2001. I have worked collaboratively with Josh, Jona, Joshua and Jericho to complete this DLO.

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