Thursday, 20 September 2018

Duffy Assembly - Michel Mulipola

Today Panmure Bridge had their Term 3 Duffy Assembly. We had two special guest Campbell from Main freight and our special visitor Michel Mulipola. If you don't who he is, he is a comic book illustrations. It was surprising to hear that he was a professional wrestler, and a semi-professional tekken gamer. He came to tell us about his life story and what he does as a career. I was shocked to hear that he was a semi-professional tekken gamer. He was also here to give out our Duffy Books. The second photo above is a picture he has illustrated for the book Fanene Peter Maivia (Son Of Samoa). The photo is Dwayne Johnson's grandfather. In this book it talks about how Peter Maivia is wrestling for the world title in Samoa, Apia. In my perspectives I think Michel has illustrated this character amazingly. We all thank him for what he had done today and hope he comes again. I would also like to thank Campbell from Main freight who came today and our two librarians who sorted out our library books.

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