Friday, 14 September 2018

After School Basketball - Semi Finals

On Wednesday both Panmure Bridge basketball teams (all year 7 & 8) went down to Tamaki College to play basketball which we do every Wednesday. There were two teams named Panmure Bridge Orange and Panmure Bridge Green. It was a big game for Panmure Bridge Orange (my team) since they were in the Semi Finals trying to qualify in the Finals. We verse Stonefields which was the toughest team we've ever verse in the competition. They had some pretty tall students, but that didn't change our hopes of winning. We sticked to our plan which was: always mark or defend a player and get the rebounds. We tried our best to that and at the end won the game. We were happy to make to the Finals versing Pt England. Hopefully we win the Finals and be the first Panmure Bridge year group to win a Basketball tournament. A huge thank you to Mr Ogilvie for making us part of this competition and also for the transport.

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